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TBN and forums
Originally Posted by Divine View Post
The same forums will be used for both current TB and TB Next

I found this point very odd so I wanted to discuss it in a separate thread.

If these forums are actually going to be used for TBN, that's just a horrible move IMO. First of all, we were promised that TBN will no longer depend on forums and all features will be available in game. If we go by format of current forums, then there is no way this can co-exist with all the same functions in game, meaning things like market will still more than likely be exclusive to forums.

Boards like S&I or Tech. Support will be super confusing because now users will have to specify which game they're talking about, and even if each game has their dedicated boards there will still be obvious mix ups and confusion.

Even though the forum is now getting an overhaul, there is nothing that I can think of which would justify using the same forums for both games.

So many decisions are being made behind the scenes that end up making the player base more detached from devs and staff it's getting wild. To be successful indie game, one of the key elements is to listen to the community and make decisions with them, not behind their backs. People were already sceptical of TBN when it got announced, but the hype was there. Now hype is dead and majority of the community isn't even looking forward to TBN anymore.