they've been disabled. whether or not they'll be reimplemented in the future is currently unknown.
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i feel as if that should've been decided with the little community toribash has left instead of decided by whoever did.

Groups were dead for a long time tbh. I don't want to be a dick adding this in the discussion, but the majority of the toribash community either left, there are only a few people left who don't care at all, new guys who either don't know about these groups or don't care also and those cared maybe? (mostly nobody).

So tbh asking the community about disabling a thing that was dead long ago wansn't a necessity at all.
Social groups were totally dead.
And superseded when orgs were made. IIRC spcial groups were essentially the pre cursor to orgs.
No point keeping them around when they're nothing more than a dead link on your user profile.
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theyre back now though! and its so lit

You can thank siku for that

lol. Don't know for how long tho ;0

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the deletion of social groups represents the final downfall of this community
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
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the deletion of social groups represents the final downfall of this community

Not at all, i mean did anyone use these at all? I remember maybe back in the day they were used by some people, but now they are worthless.