Endurance Onslaught 4
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Gauntlet of Tank requests
If you're a member of Saint and want participe The Gauntlet Of Tank
Request here
I'll be a temp lead for a time

Cool list

We actually need 1 (or more) members
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<Angels> watch weed win while matty fappin

Sure, you're on the list now
Do we at least have more 4 members
Btw, ReverseKil said to me he want to participe, so i'll put him on the list
If anyone see Sopelka2 please talk with him
maddoctor9 is on
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<Angels> watch weed win while matty fappin

Done, we need 1 or more members
And we have less than 32 hours
Go go go
<Angels> watch weed win while matty fappin