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Hi, Saint guys
I contacted your leader about a project that i'm working and I got no response
I am doing an official clan list, which will be posted in Clan Discussion board. This thread will be a introduction to each official clan, with discord and recruitment links for promotion. Also the cool thing about this is that if the clan die, your history will be in there forever!

This is what I am asking for:

*A 100x100 clan logo, If it is in a rectangular format, keep the height at 100px (you can use to resize it easily);
*Name of the founder(s);
*Creation date and Officialization date;
*A brief history of your clan (how it was created, etc);
*Interesting achievements and fun facs;
*Recruitment and Discord links

Use this as template

The thread will be posted TONIGHT, so send it to me ASAP!

Pm me with all these informations and i'll post it in there

Thanks for your time
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Sorry for the late answer :P is this still available ? If yes, I might can do this night
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