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[Join Secret] Application Process here.

"Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead."
Benjamin Franklin

Recruitment thread rules for clan members and applicants, follow them!

Video by: Death9535

About Secret
Secret is an aikido based clan created by AikidoKP and Teague19. We aim to build and maintain a strong community within toribash.
Started on May 10th, 2010, Secret has become known for it's relaxed style of fighting as well as it's excessive amounts of decapitations.
Along with this, we strive to help members better themselves, both in-game and on the forum. What this comes with is a better opportunity to advance through the ranks of Toribash, as well as a better understanding of how clans and the forums work. We are a group of older and more mature players, so please act the part if you're considering applying.

2nd Dan Black belt
(This is now only a recommendation, no longer a requirement.)

Explain any bad history or alts you may have, State all your alts, if you use, if yes when and why.
Also state your previous clans and orgs.

Provide in-game crew with replays and in-game style

Provide personalty pack with an about me paragraph

Provide skills team with proof of any skills and abilities you may have that are TB related (art,market,ect)

Backround check
If you fail this you are automatically out! Consists of: Bans, Alts, Bad behavior.
So come clean now, if you know what's good for you.
Team Quick Link

Team One
We will fight you in game and/or give you replay challenges. Be ready!
Team Quick Link

Team Two
These gentlemen will judge your forum and in-game etiquette. So be nice!
Team Quick Link

Team Three
This group will check your art, market, video, or any other abilities to see how you will be beneficial to Secret.
Team Quick Link
YOU NEED 2 teams to say yes to get in.

Try to make your app neat, nice, colorful, creative! (NNCC)

*You must include "I have found the hot Secret sauce" in your app to clarify you read this page.
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Recruit people with skill and not imature sad fks future recruters
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the recruiter tally is if u recruit someone we put ur name down there to honor how many ppl who each person recruited give credit where credit is due
Name: sk8rlife
Belt: blue close to brown
Mods: any
Clan History: Mafia
Who recruited you:no one
Id like to join caus eit looks like this clan is doing well.
you def have enough post but you dont seem to be a black belt, plz post 2 replays and keep in touch with us once your black belt plz re apply
Name: Aidan Steen (Kunamikaii)
Belt: 2nd Dan Black belt
Mods:Aikido, Wushu
Clan History: Psycho, Badass Toast, Illusion
Who recruited you: I think Teague and SecretBank recruited me.
Reason For applying: I was asked to by Teague and I think this clan is cool
"I have read and will abide by the 'rules of Secret' list.": (yes/no) yes
"I have a black belt or higher and 100+ post": (yes/no) no I have 61
2 Multilayer Replays: How do you show them? I dont know if you can tell me I will post them seperatly
Thanks for applying Kunamikaii, I haven't met you in-game but if Teague has asked you to apply I can assume you're a decent player.

As for the posts, you will need to get those up to 100 before we will accept you but for the replays, just hit "Go Advanced" then "Manage Attachments" and you can do it through that.
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we never really did talk about this but how are we gonna go about admitting ppl into the clan?

we gonna do a
-2 vouchers?
-me or aikido?
-me and aikido?