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[Clan] Clan league : Round 1
So... It's that time again guys.
- We're up against element in the first round.
- There are 7 mods : brushu (2 matches), taekkyon (2), aikido (2), lenshu3ng (2), judofrac (1), swfixed (1), runkido (1).
- 3 people must show up for us to be able to play.

Give us times when you can compete and we'll work something out with our opponent, I'll tell element about this thread so we can discuss here.
<&Erth> fagm <&Erth> duck <&Erth> *fuck
Fagm duck fuck everyone.

I'm up. I pretty much got all the time right now, but it would be the best if we'd exchanged skypes. So it's a lot easier, like I sau 'ey dud i wanz to faight uu u lose i won haha' and he says 'dooooooooooooooood u tink u canz beetaz meh! u no match foh meech huehue s33 wut i did der, no match, huehueheueuhe' and then we fight.
frommmmmmm 1pm-8pm united states eastern time :3
Alive and Kicking again, [SECRET], former artist, I lose all my matches.
I'm available 11AM to 3PM and sometimes 11PM to 2AM on weekdays.
dunno times for the weekend.

I can do taekkyon,aikido, and judofrac.
I could do everything else if needed but I'm a tad iffy.
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i dont browse forums much, skype is:superpizzaking im pretty much always on ill see if we can get a time worked out.
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I'll tell element about this thread so we can discuss here.

read next time ;o
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If you guys figure a few times when you're available before the tenth that would be great, so we can find out if we will be available then. if not we can work something out between us individually.