Endurance Onslaught 3.0
Also, sorry for the slight confusion I probably caused, when I read the post I couldn't really figure out what EJM mean't by 'Element'.
I'm going to be offline this week, hopefully I can get back for weekend. I'm on vacation.

If you don't mind, go post in our Clan League thread.
I can do it on the weekend, Saturday maybe, anyone object or have a time they can't play in?
<&Erth> fagm <&Erth> duck <&Erth> *fuck
Fagm duck fuck everyone.

Sometimes I might be fishing. So I won't be availible, but I can't really tell when I'll go fishing and when I will stay at home because I simply don't know.
im more active during the weekdays since i dont have school, but i could try getting on during the weekend, saturday or sunday maybe. thats what its seeming like
I'm up to fight anytime after this saturday
(_not finished yet the surf trip)
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Originally Posted by Erth
Hey, can you play your matches please, you have 3 days

*le bump
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Count me out, I won't be available unfortunately

NVM, I will be available.
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