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Toribash 5.52 beta - Steam (Windows, macOS)
Toribash 5.52 beta 1 is now available on beta branch on Steam for Windows and macOS!

See more about 5.52 updates in alpha release thread

What's new in 5.52b1:

  • Inventory updates
    In-game inventory received a bunch of new features and under-the-hood improvements

    • Item customize screen with texture upload, effect and level controls
    • Inventory list state is now remembered if you reopen menu
    • Deprecated separate featured sale display, viewing featured sale now brings you straight to game store and selects that item
    • Double click on set in the list to view its contents
    • Download and display item's texture instead of item icon when available
    • Display item's fused effects in the list
    • More reliable icon and model downloads
    • More reliable post purchase screen
    • Prevent menu from getting stuck when attempting to view an empty store section

  • Other changes
    • Added BitOp library support for Lua
    • Added effects support in raytrace graphics mode
    • Lua texture limit has been raised to 384
    • Fixed crash when attempting to open Toribash as replay viewer
    • Fixed confirmation box text overflow
    • Lua get_color_info().game_name field to get the color's game name
    • Improved menu element scaling on low resolutions
    • Tori Twerk atmo by Tomato
    • Player count dropdown in Gamerules
    • Miscellaneous fixes and backend improvements