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Slycoopers Madman N Booms

I tend to make more replays and add them.

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Sly-Movie3.rpl (190.1 KB, 44 views)
Sly-Chase-FootPower.rpl (313.8 KB, 30 views)
Sly-cqc.rpl (206.3 KB, 23 views)
Sly-Hellyeah!2.rpl (265.2 KB, 29 views)
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Thanks for the Criticism.

Your noobish opinion? your core replays are great ;)

EDIT: Replays
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Sly-Chase-FootPower.rpl (313.8 KB, 25 views)
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I like the way that you use your foot to get a decap.


Also, most of these replays are the past ones I have made and never posted.
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Sly-cqc.rpl (206.3 KB, 17 views)
looks good. and the archery is cool. but 2 things that could be better:
1 grabby dm of hand. you just grab the shoulder and arm dms
2 you could get dm of pecs maybe instead of just kicking torso away.
in my opinion

for me its hrad to make a stylish madman...so i say it is 8/10
pretty nice sly
the best one was hellyeah2, 8,4/10
im more of the running stuff but those were fine replays
keep up the good work!