The actual madman was pretty average, in my eyes. Quite a bit of unnecessary grabbing. Could've been a lot more boomier. Also, the pose looks weird. The skeet was pretty nice though. I prefer skeets when the head is still up fairly high and it hits the head mid-air. But I guess the distance makes up for it.
Eh I expected alot better from you.
I mean don't get me wrong you boom and all but it is very messy.
The grabbing really bugged me and so did the stiffness of your legs
Relaxxxx you got lots of time to puut together a replay.

Just so you know you have alot better replays than this.
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Well i was pretty ,,excited'' that i made that skeet...So maybe i overated this replay when i was saying that it's my best... :o

Anyways thank you for constructive criticism guys!
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