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My most recent booms and madmans
here they are
Replay Attributes:

Boomhit.2:Nograb,(i do grab after i hit him to show off wit his head),has a total of 4 dms over 3 frames,500 frames long,has head spins(and not only on my head),has an ending pose

Madman.3:might have glitch,has a rip,has a few grabs,500 frames long,no ending pose

madman.2:has 3 grabs,1500 frames long,my first madman with a kick

ps even though the user text says [ these are totally and utterly mine the [ is a glitch that i hope to fix
Attached Files
madman.3.rpl (126.7 KB, 12 views)
boomhit.2.rpl (84.8 KB, 14 views)
madman.2.rpl (170.4 KB, 9 views)
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