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ripping off a head
I was curios to see if you could actually just gab onto ukes head, and tear it from his torso. well, with enough force this is possible, but since thehand broke at EXACTLY the same time, it led me to believe that they have the same tolerance as one another.

I did this because I remember in my earlier days of bashing, when I would grab onto the other guys head, and everyone in the room would start yelling to rip it off. haha, good times.
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they have the same tolerance as one another.

Wrong. It was because your wrist was basically touching Uke's head.
It didn't break at the exact same time either. Your wrist broke a few frames after the decap. Also, your wrist broke because you contracted it, making Uke's head hit your wrist, thus breaking it. If you extend your wrist, no breakage.
sorry, but no, you were wrong. check the frame by frame. they both break on 153. as soon as the neck piece turned red, I clicked on the wrist to try and contract it, and nothing happened. but you were right about one thing. extending the wrist stopped it from popping off. although, I noticed that I did kick his head on accident as well. without that kick hitting the head, I found myself unable to do it.
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well, I'd love to say that clears things up, but I'm not sure what we're arguing about, or even if we're arguing. maybe trying to make a different points? whatever the case, I'm done here. good day to you, sir.
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