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Kovens stuff
Here it is.
Hope you like it.
Rate it plz.
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!Kong-fu.rpl (102.0 KB, 31 views)
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Nice punch to the gut 7/10

nice mad man..6/10

Nice decap7.4/10

Nice kick to the gut with your knee.7/10
Over all you have nice Poses at ending...9.3/10

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Golddog: How can the overall rating be over 9 if the best rating you gave was 7.4?

Nice stuff koven, kong-fu was awesome.
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i like when the replays are realistic in one way or another.

only one i can mention is kungfu cause the rest just fades away compared to that replay

it was really one of the best replays involving a spinning kick to date... 9.99/10

who am i kidding it's a 10/10