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decp touching only the head
this is a specific decap thread only decaps touching nothing but the head i would like to see some good ones i'll start it off (after decap you can do whatever)
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clean decap.rpl (30.5 KB, 21 views)
i hate you...
i thought it was rather stiff, and slow. 6.8/10 you're gettin' there.
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morbon probetabox decap.rpl (30.3 KB, 15 views)
Beta: YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT IT1!!! ITS LEGIT FULL 128! Morbon: joint textures and all? Beta: lol no fuck joint textures
its called a clean decap when u decap when touching only the head
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yes i know the name on the earlier replay was clean decap this is one simila to yours just a little more agressive
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grapple decap.rpl (32.7 KB, 10 views)
i hate you...
We already have a decap replays thread. We do not need another one, thanks.

And Morbon, multiplayer replays are to be kept to the multiplayer sub-forum. It is named such for a reason.