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And since I haven't posted here in over a year, it goes to show how much I do single player. Most of them still aren't finished, but I have to upload some anyways so I'll go ahead and upload the unfinished ones.

I hope the titles don't give away the video or anything:
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BnW BlakGubbinVid.rpl (113.2 KB, 26 views)
BnW BlakGubbinVid3.rpl (85.7 KB, 19 views)
BnW BlakGubbinVid4.rpl (90.3 KB, 16 views)
BnW BlakGubbinVid5.rpl (190.2 KB, 30 views)
BlakGubbinVid6.rpl (298.7 KB, 16 views)
aw man, finish these. They look like they will be so good. number 5 IS good, but the rest, its like having a cookie half an inch from your mouth and then dropping it on the floor...a floor that is dirty and you cant eat off of :P
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