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free run:D
tell me how u like it it's my first parkour free run or w/e. also if anyone can add frames too it that would be highly appreciated.(all of you replay hackers out there)
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Strictly a replay maker with a LOW amount of tc. (;
I liked it. 8/10
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It must of taken a lot of time to do that replay. It was a hella sick though. 9/10.
Lol, the trails make all the flipping cooler.
It was slow and boring imo. While you were pretty relaxed. It took you a lot to do this. You took two steps and then made a flip, RIGHT before the first jump. So you lost speed and you barely got the jump. It took you a lot to get to the bars and a lot more to pass them. You also weren't on your feet most of the time probably because you used -20 gravity instead of -30 which would make running easier since you won't fly away when you step.
Keep working.

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If kylan agrees, sure. Why not? Also, if it's his first time doing it, he should get criticism to get better.
<~Phoenix_afk> fu
since it is my first time i do need to take criticism to get better, thanks for the comment .
Strictly a replay maker with a LOW amount of tc. (;