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Backflip Powerdriver
Hi, I'm new here and... Well, here is my signature move, some kind of piledriver... With a very shitty name, I know, I'm very bad at this (It must be because my mother language is not English... You noticed, didn't you?). Anyway, many thanks to Hypervyper, whose "Piledrive head decap" gave me the idea and the basic movements... Thanks a lot, man! :-)

Oh, yeah, the move, right... Well, here we go (demo settings):

- Hold all, lower shoulders and contract hips, knees and pecs. 3 spaces.
- Raise shoulders and put hands into "grab" mode. 2 spaces.
You should be grabbing Uke by his chest without damaging him (don't mind about the bleeding). If you damage him (score any points), start again because the move is not going to work well.
- Extend hips and knees. Select Uke and relax his whole body. 8 spaces.
You'll receive some damage at this point, but don't worry about it ;-)
- Contract hips and lower shoulders. 11 spaces.
- Extend hips and ankles, contract knees and raise shoulders. 1 space.
- Extend wrists and put hands into "punch" mode. 1 space.
- Hold all. 9 spaces.
- Relax all. 9 spaces.
- Hold all. Press P.

And that's all... Did you see Uke's neck breaking? And that sound... I love that sound :-P Piledrivers are cool, ain't they? They're my favourite wrestling move... I wish I knew how to do WWE Undertaker's "Tombstone Piledriver"... In Toribash, I mean. If anyone knows, please tell!

Thanks for reading.
Re: Backflip Powerdriver
Yeah, I know, and I said thanks to you twice, man... I wanted people to know that I did NOT created the move itself, I got YOUR move and modified it... And I said it clearly: "many thanks to Hypervyper, whose Piledrive head decap gave me the idea and the basic movements..." But from the "eight spaces, contract hips and lower shoulders" part on, it's mine... I know it is more yours than mine, though.
I'm not one of those who get the work of another one and say that is my work, I wanted people to know that it was a modification of yours... Well, that's all.
Re: Backflip Powerdriver
Nice move, but seriously man - your English is better than most of the people on this forum.

I tweaked it and managed to smash Uke's head off when it touched the ground (abs).
Re: Backflip Powerdriver
Thank you everybody for the comments... Means a lot to me, really...
Oh, BTW... EternalCat, you think my English is good? Well, the writting is good, but you got to listen to me speak in English :P
joe182, half of your "good job" goes to hypervyper, as half of this move is his ;)
Re: Backflip Powerdriver
heres a replay of the piledrive that i came up with
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