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Kitty's Edited Replays
These were mostly influenced by Eldritch's Shotgun replay,

There are;
Sub Machine Gun

My favourite of the 2 is the machine gun, as the rifle was a little rushed.
Please tell me what you think, and please no 1 word and a smilie posts...
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Re: Kitty's Edited Replays
Awesome, good thinking also.. looks really cool if you press 5 when watching ^^ Now we only need a gun model... hmmm..
Re: Kitty's Edited Replays
Man, these are really good! I wish I knew how to do that...

Edit: And now I do! Check out my edited replays in the "Kiwi's first edited replays." board.
Re: Kitty's Edited Replays
go to skjef's tutorial on it, it helps a lot, its really fun too

nice replays
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