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Q&D Kick
(This is one of my moves that isn't limp style so don't forget to HOLD ALL at the beginning)

Demo Settings
(I used 150 frames, use whatever you like)

Hold all
raise left shoulder
contract left elbow
contract left pec
right rotating chest
right bending lumbar
contract abs

Advance 5 frames -->Shift-Space 5 times

lower left shoulder
grip left hand
extend right glute
contract right hip and knee

space x1

extend right hip
extend right knee

Press P or Tear Uke apart with move

The nature of the move leaves a lot of opportunities after the leg kick
01110111011010000110100101101100011001010010100000 10101000101000011110000010101100101011001010010011 11010010101000101000011110010010101100101011001010 010010100100111011