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Almost total destruction - TwinSword2
I'm not good in giving names, as you surely noticed from the topic name

Demo settings:

Hold all
Left rotate chest
Right bend lumbar
Contract right pecs
Extend left pecs
Lower right shoulder
Space x2

Raise right shoulder
Contract right elbow
Contract right wrist
Space x2

Extend right pecs
Contract left pecs
Lower left shoulder
Contract left elbow
Contract left wrist
Space x2

Lower right shoulder
Extend right elbow
Extend right wrist
Press P or Space x3

This, if done correctly, should almost completly destroy Uke's upper body and cut off his left knee and entire right leg. It's again possible to make a lots of variations to this move, for example when you slash with only one arm, it can be even more cooler (of course if you consider this move to be cool ).
Also, replay attached.
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Re: Almost total destruction - TwinSword2
21 views and no comment ? Is that move that bad ?
Re: Almost total destruction - TwinSword2
The reason there aren't any comments is because we tried the move and didn't get any destruction at all. Perhaps you forgot to mention when we're supposed to make the hands grabby instead of punchy?

EDIT: Or some of us don't have that cool sword mod.. >_>;;

EDIT x2: Or some of us did try it using the sword mod and *still* didn't get it to work..

EDIT x3: Then again.. maybe I just didn't read the "twinsword2" in the title and thought the sword and shield mod would work >_<...
Re: Almost total destruction - TwinSword2
Yeah, to perform that move, you've got to use the TwinSword2 mod. It's written in title, as you finally noticed
Re: Almost total destruction - TwinSword2
Almost really.. just one foot and I could of got it all.
Sword4 was way too easy.. looks funny though.
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