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Simple Cleancap
Yup, just for a clean cap in single player

1. Press "c"
2. Raise Shoulders
3. Contract Pecs
4. 3x space
5. Contract hips
6. Contract knees
7. 5x space
8. Lower Shoulders
9. Extend Wrists
10. Hands in Grab Position
11. Hit space x1
12. Modify Ending How You Like

And there you go!
Re: Simple Cleancap
Originally Posted by Anubis
i messed it up, heres the replay

nice one anubis, I need to figure out how you did it... :P
Re: Simple Cleancap
Heres what anubis did:

hold all
contract both pecs
raise both shoulders
space x3

contract both hips
contract both knees
space x5

lower both shoulders
extend both wrists
grip both hands
space x2

extend both knees
space x8

raise right shoulder
extend right elbow