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TrickTube's Tricking Thread
Hi i'm TrickTube and I like tricking
I've been tricking for a couple months now.
Please cnc and tell me what i need to work on
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One word cnc? thats cute, can you not.

way to be a dick about it, he was giving you a compliment
Opener was strange. It looked like you were going to do a scoot into a cork, but you did some odd trick with both knees completely bent. The hook out of the first trick looked a little awkward because the glutes were over extended. Second trick was also strange, but it was ok. 3rd kick was good, I like the cork except you put your foot down before you could fully rotate. Moon kick was nice, pose was nice.
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Looks pretty good. The only thing i would say is that it was a little short and you could have added more tricks in. Also, i don't know how new you are at tricking, but throw some expert tricks in. But overall, it looks nice.
All im saying is to expand on your knowledge. As saying "do more advanced tricks". Sorry if i sounded rude, never meant it that way ;).