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Hello thats will be my perm replays thread here is a bunch of replays hope u enjoy.
cnc will be extremly generous:

I make a timer for a replays like 10 min replays 15 min replays ...

[M] 15min replays v1.rpl

[M] 10 min replays v1.rpl

[M] pure start v2.rpl

[S]SPAR v5.rpl
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The replays are really nice!
Only thing that i didn't like was:
No Boom Kick on the 10 min replay. that initial kick, i was hoping it'd rek uke, oh well.

overall: I Like Them.
[M]+ something not new v1.rpl
Here is new replay
TY spark i will do that boom hit am just lazy.
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"perm thread" of course
tricking challenge 6 min replay attempt:

first off all enjoy and judge

[T] 10 min challenege.rpl
New manip replay i hope u like it
cnc fking dat

[M]+ Long as the Road~2 lvl.rpl
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long as the road - woah, that was slick as fuck, a bit twitchy and stiff but i'll give it a 9/10

10 minute challenge - i was kinda dissapointed here, your tricking needs alot of work

first of all, dont extend your ankle until you're almost going to jump, you jumped off of your toes and it looks bad and unrealistic.

second, you extended your legs a few times and made it look bad, and to make things worse it was awfuly slow

it's a 4/10 for this one sry m9
ty haze i know am not good at tricking i know that but am working on it and i like my arms to be stiff idk why am coco and ur right by working alot on tircking.
<3 haze
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long as the road:

the framework of a good replay was there but the execution was poor. pretty good flow in theory, but the twitching made it not very fun to watch

you generally just seemed hesitant or indecisive

also re: the last hit-

if you have to move uke's joints, it's probably not the right follow-up. it would have made more sense to punch in this situation

overall ok/10
long as the road
i semi agree with hipower

the manip was nice i can tell you put a lot of work into the uke rotation

the grabbing and kicking at the end is pretty generic imo

also the dms where nice but you could have made that chest boomhit

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