the long as the road replay was pretty good for 15-10 min replay but you could easily make it lot better by using more times on making the replay keep it up thou
thnx joope
here is a new replay hope u enjoy i make replays in sp when i be bored check it out and cnc is highly apreciated:

And i hope u judge on every part of it and i like peoble tell if i did something wrong:
and i have new run maded but not completed i get tired at the end.
and it was maded long time ago so enjoy ,and cnc

Another wip from my last tricking replay <3 tricking.
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tricking~ mhmmmm.rpl (155.9 KB, 14 views)
tricking~mhmmmmmmmmm.rpl (228.6 KB, 13 views)
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Hey plsdontkillme, you've improved so much on tricking. But on the replay mhmmmm, on the flash kicks you id, try and make this a little more fluid. For the doodle replay, i have nothing to say but finish it off and that it looks awesome. Keep it up man .
I did not post a replay for long time so this is Replay after my long brak from TB.

CNC very much appreciated.
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M-Booring V7.rpl (186.0 KB, 27 views)
~Risk Every Thing
Here is my new tricking replays but still wips i got back to (10min) challenges, hope u enjoy dem and cnc is highly appreciated.

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T~wip v6.rpl (142.5 KB, 23 views)
T~Moving around.rpl (281.9 KB, 30 views)
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The start was a little awkward, it didn't look too intriguing.
After you did the first flip and your feet hit the ground was when it got good (around 316).
The speed and momentum you built was pretty neat, and I really like how during the middle of the spin, you used your left arm to keep the momentum going.
The first kick was very nice, very clean, but could of been a little stronger maybe, i'm not sure.
Yet again you do another sweet spin and the head comes clean off the slate.
Nice pose.
I can see the mix between sparring and SP replay, some people would say that's a bad thing, but I like the style. Keep it up
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Well thanks but ur right my opners all the time be wired, Beacuase i do many challenges on my self Like sp replays i do 10 min challenges or ... Thanks for cnc <3 hdonkey.
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in the replay moving around the start was veyr nice that little turn made a big part on the replay but when it got to that spinning back kick i didn't like the [art where your jumped of you're toe you could practise jumping of flat feet
during the cork you raisd your arm a bit to early which at the start of the cork made you kind of made your body sink
if you try raising your arms a bit later your body won't look like it's sinking and it will get more height.
When you corked your hips kind of contracted abit early which kinda put in a heavy look to and it doesn't look as good as it would if it came in a bit later
your lumbat was kinda over benmt to the left.
just work on the timing on your corks a bit.
besieds that your replay was really good and impressed me
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