Quickie: 9/10
when you did the opener and stayed still i thought you were going to do a noob jump, then BAM! i literally almost fell off my chair xD
i didn't put 10/10 because of the landing but overall its nice

Gravity: 8/10
The decap was nice, but i suggest you to make the opener more flowy and go for a boomhit.

Oldschool Madman: 8.5/10
I didn't like it much because of the opener (it was kind of a kick opener), but the airborne madman was nice, you got all the yummy torso joints of uke xD
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'Gravity' was kinda good, but please, reduce ripping (in the 2 other replays)

Try going for proper 'hits'
Heart of Gold
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New thingy, I tried to get decent punch for like 1-2 hours, so I gave up and decided to give little hugies to uke.

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The hug was bad sorry it was just like what B4CKST4B was trying to tell you reduce rips.
starting was nice, but at the end it didn't fully convince me. i liked that you made it with turnframes at 1 though, its a creative way to dm. Try to make boomhits with your fists or foot to not spend all the time extending and contracting pecs, just a thought

also your head texture fits your replays perfectly xD

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