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Le Replays. CnC Required
So here is a tricking replay and a start to a manip I'm working on. The first 10 frames of the manip were from a replay by Larfen.
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The tricking replay was amazing to me and the manip has a great start Demini, can't really judge since i can't do that stuff, so yeah. Could you cnc some of my latest replays on my thread?
Very skillful movement, got all the parts there. Tricking replay is great, loved it ;)

Go for finishing that New Camera replay. Might be pretty cool
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New Camera: Really smooth. looks great, kick was awesome. You should add more.

35 Days: Loved your first trick. The back full afterwards was good, but the backflip was off centered. B-twist was sweet , but I think you extended your abs and hips a bit too much. The trick afterwards was great. Well done.

Galileo: Could be an awesome manip if you weren't in -30. Decent I guess, but nothing really happened.
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Galileo is in -9.82, and thanks for the CnC guys, will work on the replays soon. Bit busy today though
Next wip of the manip. More of just ideas. Going to add more frames and make it flow a bit nicer.
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Galileo8.rpl (171.0 KB, 22 views)
Here are 3 new replays, Still working on the manip.(Replay 1 is 35 days)
So I has this manip I did with PubicSoup. I started, then they did the spin around I think it was 660. I then continued with the kick. They are working next on a special suprise, although I will do the ultimate finish. How is it so far?
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Galion22.rpl (410.8 KB, 7 views)
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I spent way too long on this, and with some help from PubicSoup, here is the final replay.
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