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i can't make replays.
Hey. This is where imma be posting my replays. Please, feel free to say something like, "Damn, you fuckin suck" "You could use a bit of work on _______."
Tips for future replays, or editing current ones, are always appreciated. Bash my replays, I know I suck CnC is helpful. I will try to post here fairly often. Good day o/ (Keep in mind, "hey thats rly cool" is just a replay to start the thread. I have better replays in store.)
new replay. this one is hacked
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hey thats rly cool.rpl (54.5 KB, 40 views)
#flu - quia mundi.rpl (161.6 KB, 31 views)
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Hey, open in ur replays r very generic
Try to edit ur second replay: dont decap him, spin with uke and kick him in chest

Also, dont use grabs for DM's
Well, I'm gonna CnC the second replay.

I suggest you start off making replays with normal engagedistance, because sometimes starting behind uke is difficult. Also, I suggest you shouldn't hack the DM's even if you did mention that it was hacked.
Heart of Gold
Really great replays!
Try something harder, like maybe a run to a kick, or spinning him and such. -Matai-kun-sama-senpai-chan
Absolutely not.
thanks all. heres another replay that i'm not so proud of. gonna try to edit where i throw the arm, because it looks like shit
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#flu - let it be.rpl (148.2 KB, 19 views)
Its better, than other ur replays
Try to make reps without "pause in ur movements"
And dont use grab DM's. Btw, u can change gravity on -30 and make more realistic replay. I think u can do it
on "let it be", the grav was like 16 or something. i don't like trying to make replays on 30 grav because if i fall, i can't ever redeem it without looking like

new replay. i was digging around my old toribash folder and found this tragedy
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imma stop trying to make single player replays, i suck too much

1. You can stop doing replays or continue but but dont behave like a 12 year old girl crying for attention.
2. Stop hacking your replays. "Yes I want fries with that" frame 261-260.
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