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I have decided to create a place where I can put a compendium of not moves but REIVEIWS. As many have noticed I have developed a original system for reviewing moves and would like to compile all of mine so people can find the right move anytime. And so in my left hand the evil editing pen of Doom, and in my right the angelic fountain pen of good reviews I begin. Let me know what you think. Remember if you like the description go to the page and give a nice word to the creator and try out the move. All credit for the moves go to the creators who have all been named next to their move. The way my reviewing system works Is I state the difficulty(How hard it is to physically pull this off and not make some stupid mistake) Single-player(how well it works in single player, multiplayer(how well it works in multiplayer CLASSIC), Style(How does it looks) and add-on potential(If you want to make it part of a combo how easy would this be?) REMEMBER ALL REIVIEWS ARE MY OPINION ALONE. Without further ado here the reviews are.

Short and Clean decap by Hamade

I liked this move and it was uncluttered and decently quick with some nice add on potential

Difficulty 2/10 (Low is Good)

Single Player 82/100

Multiplayer 63/100

Add-on potential 9/10

Style 15/20

My first move: semi limp clean decap by Someone4956

This move took a long time and could be hard to remember how many times you hit space but was a nice and clean.

Difficulty 2/10 (Low is good)

Multi-player 2/100

Single Player 84/100

Style 7/10

Add-on potential 3/20

crouching tori stiff shoulder uke! by selfdecaper

The Move did not work after multiple tries and was hard to understand.

Difficulty 10/10 (Low is Good.)

Single-Player 43/100

Multiplayer 4/100

Style 2/10

Add-on Potential 1/20

i call it "the ghastly's move" by ghastly

I like this move and though there is much that can go awry (It took me several times to get the desired result) this move is devastating and stylish.

Difficulty 6/10 (Low is Good)

Single Player 93/100

Multi-Player 47/100

Style 9/10

Add-on Potential 3/20

Locket Rauncher - split uke in 3 pieces in no time!!!! by DaveJT

A Good move that is devastating quick and easy to understand and memorize.

Difficulty 3/10 (Low is good)

Single Player 88/100

Multiplayer 52/100

Style 6/10

Add On Potential 11/20

"Knees to nuts style, howed ya like it?" by ToastMaster_M

A nice good quick simple move that does good damage and is effective with a lot of add on potential.

Difficulty 2/10 (Low is good)

Single Player 86/100

Multiplayer 63/100

Style 5/10

Add on potential 17/20
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