Hey dude you forgot to save the replay but luckily I had autosave on

Be more careful
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i HATE you. anyway. this is another miserable attempt at ukebash and very likely my last ever so enjoy :d ab::t bcool:
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for the real fans, the alternative replay title is "nolifer cancershit ebaykid u are".

overall it is a very solid replay. your movement is pretty much impeccable, it makes sense you would carry over a billion notions into ukebashing from your more realistic stuff. not to say i don't have SOME gripes with the replay though.

i think some transitions are a little slow and disrupt the flow of the replay a bit (for example: 420 [ ], 360 [the idea isn't bad i just find the execution a little rough around the edges and very unnecessarily twitchy at times especially with your left arm], and 260 i feel like is a bit of an over-usage of grabs).

that boomhit at 220 fully utilizes saddam hussein dismemberment technology and i am glad you found one of his many stratagems underneath one of his bunker beds (it's in good hands now). i do find the way you go for it kinda gross though lmao, your knee is extended the whoooole way and your ankle is pretty much as contracted as it's gonna get, thus causing it to dismember 100% of the time. the knee extension in particular makes this """""kick""""" feel sorta half assed and unintentional but i suppose you can't argue with the results.

the last hit where you kick the lumbar for the skeet, the idea is very good as it gives some utility to the previous (self) ankle dm, but i find that you could've done the kick better by attempting to ghost your foot into the lumbar. this way the actual kick motion would've been smoother and it would've went flying faster thus making the skeet more satisfying.

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don't have to go in depth since iris went ahead, basically only gripes i have is the transitions can be the slightest bit iffy

that boom at 220 is gloriously stupid in a good way

good shit epoch, make more
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i HATE you. anyway. this is another miserable attempt at ukebash and very likely my last ever so enjoy :d ab::t bcool:

super dope replay man! epicly epic moves and epicly epic replay name dude!

10/10 cant wate for the next one.