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A very unique decap.
You know, I really don't know if this has been done before..
Behold! I was messing around with that little extended glute relax drop opener thing that NotBowen made, and I came up with this!
I split Uke in half, then decap him with his own lower torso!

Edit: Added some new replays that you should check out.
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0AllAgainstUke.rpl (109.5 KB, 90 views)
Re: A very unique decap.
Heh, not my fault, I've had trouble thinking up cool breakdances.
I come bearing more replays!
The first is an example of my better breakdancing, the second is a neato double kick I made.
Re: A very unique decap.
Heh, I gots another replay. I used it in a competition for SyN, but since it's dead I think I'll post it here. D: