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Juraviel's First Move&Replay
Hello guys. Glad to start posting here.
I've started playing around two weeks ago, therefor I'm still pretty "newbie"; and this replay will likely be something of already saw.

This is my first attempt to do a "serious" replay. It's basically a counter-effect based side kick. Although my aim was to have Uke decapped, I just can't manage to do it in a bearable amount of time. However, this is a 300k+ damage kick.
I haven't even tried to do some dancing or cool victorious posing. If you want to dance, pose, or try a decap, feel free to use this move as you like... :P

  • Hold all
    Contracting Right Hip
    Contracting Left Hip
    Extending Right Ankle
    Extending Left Ankle

  • Originally Posted by 10F
    Extending Right Hip

  • Originally Posted by 10F
    Left Rotating Chest
    Right Bending Lumbar
    Extending Abs
    Contracting Right Pecs
    Extending Left Pecs
    Contracting Right Glute
    Extending Left Glute
    Contracting Left Knee

  • Originally Posted by 10F
    Extending Right Glute

  • Originally Posted by 10F
    Right Rotating Chest
    Extending Right Pecs
    Contracting Left Pecs
    Contracting Right Hip
    Extending Left Hip
    Contracting Right Knee
    Contracting Right Ankle

  • Originally Posted by 10F
    Contracting Right Glute
    Extending Right Ankle

  • Originally Posted by 10F
    Left Bending Lumbar
    Extending Right Knee

Hope you like it.

I forgot: distance is 157. After a while of 150 attempts, I had set others in order to decap Uke... without good results. >>
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Re: Juraviel's First Move&Replay
Have a decap, complete with seizure dancing! :P

...forgot the replay.
Re: Juraviel's First Move&Replay
It's funny how when a foot goes inside the part it deal massive damage.
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