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A selection of my best.
Hey Guys, having tried to perfect a decent roundhouse kick, I got bored.

Behold the gore as arms, heads and anything else that gets in my way is removed in style!

Alot of the decaps are fairly standard, but I've included the more special ones that finish with a flourish, or look particularly satisfying.

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Turok 2 Arm Bowing.rpl (15.7 KB, 13 views)
Turok Chest Headbutt.rpl (23.2 KB, 13 views)
Turok Decap and Disco.rpl (80.5 KB, 13 views)
More goodies for your perusal
Apologies for the double post, but I've got a glut of good shit that I just *have* to share.

Please, please, please post your comments.

Oh, and if anyone knows how to pull off a decent roundhouse - let us all know!
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Turok Decap Headstand.rpl (62.5 KB, 11 views)
Turok Give Me That Arm.rpl (62.0 KB, 16 views)