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[R] Logo Shading/Coloring (+Animation) [~750k]
I'd like to segment this Request into two Parts.

Part 1:

I've designed a Logo.


I've also attempted to make a proper design out of it, failed however. So what I'm requesting here is to simpy make this existing Logo Design look good with these 3 given Colors: #f23f35 , #3a3faa , #be6ebe

To give you a better Idea, here's my previous attempt. The main reasons I don't like it is because it looks out of place in comparison to other Logos, and because of it's many colors it's not vectorizeable.


In Short, Shade and Color this logo with the 3 provided Colors to make it look like a proper Logo.
  • Use the 3 Colors provided, The Shapes on the Sides are the 1st Red Color, The Shape in the Middle is the 2nd Blue Color and the Sphere in the Center is The 3rd Pink Color.
  • When Shading, make sure the Image uses no more than 32Colors
Preferably send the result as a Vector Image, if not possible, a normal png will suffice. I'll do the conversion myself in that case.

When we've settled for a Design, you are free to move on to my 2nd Step

Part 2:
Trace/Animate this Gif Animation in the Style of the Logo (Take the original Logo as the starting frame (loopable))


Resolution of it all should be atleast 1024x ( even though this doesn't matter all too much if it's a .svg anyway)

I'm willing to generously pay for both steps seperately depending on my satisfaction of the outcome. Payout 750k for both Parts (~25% on Part 1, ~75% on Part 2) . Further negotiation on Discord.

If there's anything unclear or if you have questions etc. Feel free to contact me on Discord: "ෆ්ලෝරියන්#3080"