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Clan war betting.
So I am currently spectating a clan war and I wanted to place a 10k bet on one of the clans but I did not know how this would work.
So I thought of this for a while.
I thought of bets being placed at 0-0 and lock up from then.
The bets would be collected at the end of the clan war.
With the new clan war system I think this would fit right with it but I'm not sure if it would take much coding.
First to 3
Kasiusis Has placed a 10000 bet on [Mr]
Qubic has placed a 50000 bet on [eVo]
3 games later
[Mr] Has won the clan war
Kasiusis has won a 60000 bet.
This may be looked down upon due to making tc off other clans but it is the same as normal betting but it may be taken wrong.