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How do I git gud?
I got through the tutorials pretty well, mostly because the things in there were just an instruction manual telling you how to do cool crap and now I'm at the comeback tutorial, which is nearly impossible for me because I don't know how to move without falling onto the ground and breaking 98 bones. Do you people have some tips for a person who is VERY new and VERY bad.
The comeback tutorial is a bit advanced for someone who is new to the game. With that being said, it's a really good tool to learn high gravity movement. Have you looked into youtube videos on toribash before?

If not, I recommend Matarika he covers the basics of movement really well in his videos and even goes in depth into the mechanics of the game.

A tip I can give you right now is to play some multiplayer matches vs other players. Don't worry about winning because right now it's about learning how to move your tori properly and stuff. You can start in any mod but the easiest to learn in my opinion are mods like Judo, Aikido, twinswords and jousting. They are pretty fun mods as well I think you'll like them.

Pls let me know how this goes and I hope this helps you.