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Trying out J-core
Hi,I've been tinkering in FL Studio 20 for a bit, trying to get some sounds like Kobaryo, t+palozite, HARDCORETANO*C, etc.
Here's what i've got (I would love criticism!):
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Not bad, you picked some decent samples especially the kick drums which are meaty and bass heavy. From my understanding most producers of jcore and other 4/4 170+ bpm styles spend a great deal of their time mixing and achieving a very balanced sound where everything is in your face. I have a bunch of notes off the top of my head after listening to the songs.

About the supersaw synth in the first song; clean up wide sounds as much as you can, especially sounds with reverb, reverb is very easy to underestimate especially on headphones. Also reduce the reverb time as much as possible without ruining the sound, a reverb tail can easily muddy the mix. Try mid/side EQ to make the stereo image less muddy and keep the bass in the middle, it sounds a lot clearer but be careful not to put everything in the center.

When trying to put instruments closer to the listener or making them brighter use some form of passive EQ to increase the highs, digital linear EQs are very aggressive and artifact heavy. NI's passive EQ is very good and can also do mid/side equalisation. PTEQ-x is a decent free alternative, but hasn't mid/side.

Because the music is so fast, try to cut sounds so they don't layer over other sounds and overwhelm the mix, also cut lows when they're not needed. Lows have a lot of energy and dbs, cutting them can make the sound slightly more plastic or artificial but it frees a lot of space in the mix for making stuff louder.

As for the composition, do tonnes of key changes and 7th chords and you're as japanese as anyone else..
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oh yeah
New song
Thanks for the advice! I looked up a bit on 7ths , and it can really help my music out

--Pretty sure this one does'nt use 7ths' , but it's just new:
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