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Draw Goat
To celebrate 10 years in the community, I'd like to host an event.

Draw a picture of me or Winston (my current goat avatar) and if I like it enough, you'll win an in-game goat model that stands too close for comfort.

There will only be one winner and I will choose that winner on October 11th (my join date). This is also the deadline for the event!

youve seen the famous horse on a toilet

now get ready for...

i will pm u my shipping address 2 send the prize
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إد هو العاهرة
This boi needs a dad
Hi goat I made this one especially for you

We can celebrate together this young man needs his dad

And I think we found him

We Are ALL Stars Rock with us We got Big Cars :D



I wish i could do more bro, you deserve it, but i'm not that skilled.
Happy 10 years in our forum!

luvya u know
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pegasus, tu pode adicionar uns relevos nesse cubo para parecer que ele tá formando algo. Ficaria bem massa
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e uma piada interna po kkkk
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