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Hit the Ball
Hey everyone! I'm running my first replay making event (hopefully I'll make more in the future)

The aim is simple, hit the ball off the stick with as much force and style as you can.

The winner will receive 10k TC

- only one rpl per participant
- replay hacking IS allowed, but it will only help your chances of winning if you use it in a creative way
- replays must be posted in my discord server in order to count and this is also where you can find the mod
- you can change any of the game rules except gravity(-30)
- deadline for the end of the event is the 10th of May
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Hey cool event. Where may we download the mod ?

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

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Hey cool event. Where may we download the mod ?

Hey, i think alexy forgot to mention this. The mod is in the discord.
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Sorry I forgot to mention how to find the mod, thanks Aliosa
I'll make sure to keep a closer eye on the forums from now