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Huge copypasta messages to new users is prohibited.
Things like this;

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Hey there BiscuiTBoi,

Welcome to the Toribash Community! Don't forget to 'Introduce Yourself' to everybody in the community, don't be shy.
Please look at the FAQ before asking any questions. If your questions remain unanswered, you can ask online in real time HERE.
If you don't want to ask there, can always in the Support Section, or in the Beginners Sanctuary.
Here are a list of Tutorials, they can help you with any process you want to know. How to post, make a video, edit replays, gain TC, make a POV RAY, and alot more!
Want to take special classes where they help YOU out? Join Unibash!
Want to even post bulletins or messages like on Myspace or Facebook? Join Toribash Social!

Here at the Toribash Community, there is a lot of opportunity to speak with the developers or know more about the company that developed Toribash.
You could chat with game developers, ask questions to moderators or Admins, or even know the Gamekeepers!
If you want to know what they do, click Here.
You can find the List of Admins, Here.
Nabi Studios, the main developers, build social communities through developing and operating free-form games. Take a look at their site! It's located Here.

are not as helpful as you think. Quite frankly I find them annoying. I've been infracting them lately and I am officially prohibiting them with the creation of this thread. If you do it I will infract it, if you repeatedly do it I will ban you. If you can't take 15 seconds to direct someone somewhere or say hello, please don't post here.
Copying messages to new people
Alright, no more copying messages to welcome new people. If you can't write out your own special welcome to them, then you shouldn't be welcoming them at all.