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rode on my bike straight into a nail that was stuck in a wooden plank, went straight in my head also Ive rode it into barbed wire
I was riding a bike and some fuckery happened and i launched over the handle bars onto the concrete and slid a couple of feet before stopping, left some pretty bad scars on my arms
Thank you for existing. Rest in peace Ty.
broke a rib during a game of hockey because the goalie of the other team was salty and smacked me in the chest

dislocated my finger for a bit and didn’t know, got mad and pressed on the bump and it went back into place

rode a bike into a hedge of the mad plant bastards that make you itchy n shit

smacked a bee hive in primary school

fell off my bike during a race in the woods area and got ran over by everyone, testicles got stabbed by a stick and that was serious

someone stabbed me in the eye on a field trip, was young and wasn’t too scared at first, then my vision tinted red followed by cunt jenna saying there was so much blood and i started freaking

tore both of my hamstrings by suddenly moving my legs while playing cod with the boys

got my dick caught in the zip of a sleeping bag

got my finger stuck in a door

got my back skin stuck in the doors of a wardrobe, my brother yanked me off and i lost a good layer or two of back skin

lost a whole layer of skin off of my pinky by bashing my mouse

i think those are the worst but i have more
middle school
flag football (we have straps with pull-able flags on either side of us while playing US football)
one kid is running with the ball, we have to pull both his flags for him to be down
he runs in between me and one other guy, all of us going full tilt. me and team mate smash heads
i cant see out of my right eye (massive swelling) and i was supposedly out for 30 seconds
coach stopped the game and took us both to the nurse. i got the worse of it, other guy was hit on the forehead and had a little bump meanwhile i had fractured my eye-socket
small fracture so no surgery

the bulb of swelling was covering my right eye, was about the size of a small pencil bag full of pencils

literally only time i've ever even slightly fractured anything
Dunno if you'd count it as an injury but had faulty blood vessels going to my heart because of birth bs, got surgery for it a few years ago. Fresh as a peach now tho.

But otherwise broke my entire right arm essentially falling off scaffolding while working on a roof once. Took 9 months to heal with surgery
My worst injury is when I dislocated my right shoulder, I was very young and just walked it off. The most painful is when I almost broke my spinal cord.
My worst injury is when I dislocated my right shoulder, I was very young and just walked it off . The most painful is when I almost broke my spinal cord.
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Stepped on a Lego.


Worst injury? idk probably when i fell into a bonfire and had to crawl out, or when i nearly died from an untreated ruptured appendix.

going cold turkey was way worse then any of that tho.
had a testicular torsion when i was 15-16 years old , it was ''only'' uncomfortable and i thought it was just some stupid shit that would go away in a few hours ,it didnt .so i told my mum and she kicked my ass into the hospital and it was a ''last minute'' call , they told me 3-4 hours later and it wouldve been to late

4-5 years later i got an Urinary Tract Infection , it didnt go away even after antibiotics
and after some time i started to pee blood
went to a doc and she used a thick cottom bud and rammed it inside of my peepee , problably the worst pain ive ever had , the infection got better really fast and i dont know why to this date
lmao the worst i've ever done was break my toe after falling down some stairs
went up and told my aunt i broke it and she laughed at me