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fastest 1000 ed run
I failed on the last record so I decided to break another one!
I only beat it by one frame though .-.
I grabbed uke's hand at frame ONE, in a 172 frame replay.

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171 frame run.rpl (62.3 KB, 31 views)
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The opener looks veeery similar, but the only frames that are exactly like Jaker's are the first 4. The others are similar, but slightly different. So basically, the replay is not stolen, but the moves are copied/imitated.

I don't know if this could be valid. You gotta wait for ManlyPotato to decide.
you used jaker's opener so it's not valid
and you touched uke on frame 199 or 198 so you didn't even break the record
I touched uke on frame 171, count next time bro
idk if manly potato will think it's a copy because the first four frames are the same, but if I could just get this one record without jaker beating my ass instantly, I will be happy
and FYI, you apperently think the replay was 200 frames, it was 172...
I haven't even seen jaker's record for myself, except on concon's video
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you used jaker's opener so it's not valid

It's hard to tell if some opener/move is allowed to be used by others or not.

For example, for getting high/far jumps, there is a popular technique that is very effective and used by everyone, where you first lie down on your back with your knees contracted and the hips, abs extended aswell as the shoulders lowered. And from that position you start with the jump.

So it's hard to actually tell if certain moves are copied or if everyone should just be allowed to do them.
thanx for clarifying that zockinator
oh crap, I just realized fallu is right, I didn't break the record
I give up ;-;
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