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Noxiousnet is ok :l, I play on zombie survival and the teamplay/arena servers.
It's cool man l:U
[10:17][10:50] <diskimage> Where can I find the Toribash license?

I never really build anything epic because I prefer to torture ragdolls and stuff.

Try GibSplat, an awesome dismemberment addon!
I built a plane that follows whoever and you type nxt and it goes to the next target, also type roll and it does a barrel roll. It goes like i think i said 500 then if its more than that it turns around.
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Guys, I MIGHT buy Gmod 10 does it really worth money or I maybe get bored of it in one-two weeks ?
Me wo tojite kokoro ni chikau.(=I close my eyes and swear)
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You just have to buy it once and it'll update. We're on 11.

Bad news, I don't have creditcard and parents won't buy it to me, and we don't have any kind of redeem cards for steam if there are any....

I'm stuck at version 9
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Stop making you own threads, people! I want this thread to be the GMod center of Toribash!

Anyways, I started following Revan's Wiremod tutorials a few days ago, hoping to get rid of my mingebagginess, and I was amazed at how well he demonstrated and taught me! I became an intermediate in less than an hour! I haven't made anything of my own yet, but I understand some basic contraptions.

I love you Revan!
I learned my wiring skills from orb. After that, I take what I know and fly baby FLY!
[10:17][10:50] <diskimage> Where can I find the Toribash license?