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Fable 2

I've played Fable for about 5 months now and I never really came to the real point.
There is none.
I've beaten the game 5 times, so much fun and my highest amount of cash was about 5,000,000 +, I don't know the exact.
You start out as a little boy named Sparrow then you get zapped or something and wake up as a (20?-yr old) as you progress you find your other 'Hero's' and you earn up Will which is basically Mage and you earn Strength and then the basics.
There are no real LEVELS it's an open enviroment or whatever, you have a trust companion dog and you can get a wife and beat her, :V and get a job, house.
You can be evil or good corrupt or pure.
If your evil, like me, you get horns out of your head if your bad enough and at the end of the game you get an option for 1m coins.
Then you eat and get fat, etc etc.
I just love the game and think it's grand realistic.
Read more at,
It's not all like Oblivion it seems more 'cartoon-ish' to me.

I want an open extending RPG game to love and play for months.
I want to play an RPG with a grand story line.

EDIT: No one has played Fable/Fable2?
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ayylmaos are real
I have it, I loved it until my xbox started being gay, now I can't even play fable 2 I have to go to my friends house to play it.. :/
I enjoyed it until the clock stopped working..
My hands are staind with blood, just like yours, but unlike you, I'm not scared.
ok ok sheesh :/ someone is mean

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ok ok sheesh :/ someone is mean

You won't get senior faster.
trust me.
ayylmaos are real
i loved the game i play my first go tho as a evil char but my next go i'm good and now that i have the addon to the game i have more thing to do woot =P
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