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Deleting replays
How about an option to delete replays INGAME,and not via the the map.

The option could be next to the "close" and "load" button, then having a pop-up saying something like "Are you sure you want to delete this replay?", to avoid any accidental replay deleting.
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Supported, I think many people would like this better instead of having to go into the toribash folder.
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Yea it is a pain to go to the folder to delete 1 replay. Its a feature that should be in the game anyways, just for the utility of it all. If someone can find a (legitimate)negative impact of this i will revoke this.

But until then i support it.
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Five years and still no option to delete replays. I mean, what reason is there to not have that option?
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I've wished for this option for so long, I'm wondering why I haven't suggested it myself. It's not a big addition, but it should already have been a function.

If you're going to implement in-game replay deletion, why not add folder systems, organization?
Would be a break from the pain of searching through hundreds of replays just to find one. That's the reason I do a weekly replay purge.

Also, I usually keep a replay folder open when I play TB, makes life so much easier.