hello hampo, it is me, echoforce

i come to you with this message brought forth by the few gods faint and tyzi and myself

i was wondering how frequently you slipped on swedish fish
have you ever taken stockholm
how do you feel about the events going on in the ukraine
how long are your toe nails
what's the ETA on finished steam toribash release
how's your son doing

pls respond & ty for ansers

-ur boy,

Did you ever visit Serbia?
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Hello Hampa
my question that I wanted to ask is are there going to be more exposure or new updates that Nabi will be working on soon?
Chab>What a dead game
bgjames1>I like WhiteF719
Heyyy hampa!!!

Should I be a GM?

Should we bring back the art express?

Will you host another 1k USD tourney?

Who made the PROMOMON cards?
If I were an item forger, could I make PROMOMON cards?

May I be an item forger? i swear to God that i'll make TB a better game *0*

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Sup, Hampa?

The GM's were talkin' about how you have Toribash on Steam, but you need a beta key to access it. Is this true? If so, how would one go about getting a key? I have plenty of time to test for bugs.
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i have the steam beta

also hampa on the beta i'm not from my home town in north korea
what's up with that? ))):
don't talk to me or my dudes ever again
How did you learn to be a dev?

Do you think you will ever put down toribash for a bit and work on a different large project?
Squirts a lot no comment.
Hampa do you think you could add a setting in toribash where you can choose how many players up to four could fight at once? I know in aikido it would be harder because yo wont know what other players would be doing, however it would sick in sparring
And does dev mean development?
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