im back guise
i was recently going through a bunch of personal shit but its over and im back
Oh hey zero glad you got everything sorted out haha we missed ya <# also hey chaco how have you been <32 id also like to announce for awhile ill be working on an extremely long and difficult replay on the mod hoax_mental_mountainside.tbm, and i plan on adding my own twist. It will be one of the longest, most challenging ,and most time consuming replay i have ever made (and ive climbed a pole for 6k frames LOL) but if you wouldl ike WiP just message me on discord, i will be sending it half way through and once im dont so if i could get massive cnc throughout that'd be cool bc i dont want to finish the replay with major mistakes, i want this to mark my toribash time. I love yall, hope you all have been well and i ll be checking in here more sorry for inactivity, i just graduated high school haha.
Add 5 cloves of garlic peeled and farted;
Tahcoh smells like garlic after cooking