Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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How do YOU counter shovels?
Post your replays her about how countered a shovel, or just post some common strategies you use to counter them, have fun!
to counter a shovel u must shovel back or levohs levohs is a shovel backwards but u keep the pecs contraste in the beginning. when its done on uke u get a decap and cut him in half ;)
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Its preferably called a suplex.


What i do is pull one side and push the other side that way he loses balance before he can lift me and i can throw the person on the floor i will add a replay soon maybe
Get low to the ground in the first few turns. Shovel is now void.
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Well, I do not have replays, but the worst of a shovel is not whether the opponent is going to use or not, so depending on the location and type of shovel is easy counter
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try to have a good stand so that u can push against him. try to grab his hands so u can move them.... dont make a little jump, or he just pushes you outta of the ring.

or if he pulls u up, try to hit his shoulders and brake atleast one... so now u try to come on his "back" and dq him.
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relax knees and extend ankles, easy suplex if done in the turn after the first one.
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