Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
Will this series be you saying
'oh wow how did he do that'
'oh wow (laugh) he gave head'
or will it be something similar to what larfen used to do
like this
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A mix of both but more in terms of what looks good and me pointing out bits that I like and don't like and drop a few ideas for that player to try next time with his/her replay making.
Alright, sounds great.

Also, will it be a live commentary or you editing your voice in later?
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When the first video will be? You have an idea?

Sunday, I will make a few videos this weekend and schedule them out.
Hey concon, I re-edited my replay so yeah.
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heyyy it'll be cool if someone does this to me for a change

I'll post my favorite replay I've made this year for egostroke reasons
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[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
Check my ~~~Dank Replays~~~
Sorry that my head was super floppy ;-;. Any cnc that you would like to give. Don't hesitate, you're more than welcome to criticise on what I need to improve upon.
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