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In-game objectives
When you start a match, a random objective will be given to you, such as "Accumulate 40,000 points against your opponent" or "Fracture one your opponents joints", or even "Attain an altitude of 15". If you complete the objective, you gain additional TC. The objectives will only be seen by you, and you and your opponent may have different objectives.

They could even be categorized by difficulty ratings, such as Easy, Medium, and Hard. Easy giving you a certain amount of TC, Medium giving a bit more, etc.
I'm thinking something along the lines of;
Easy: +5 TC
Medium: +10 TC
Hard: + 15 TC

Edit: [Long Shot] Maybe even the possibility of having a hidden elo to correlate with the pass/fail of the objectives. For example, most people will start out at, what, 1600 Objective Elo? So at that elo, the probability of getting an Easy objective is much higher than getting a hard objective. If you complete a lot of easy objectives, then your Objective Elo (OE) would rise and you would be more likely to get harder objectives. And vice versa.

Obviously if you fail your objective, you aren't penalized. You just don't receive the rewards. (And your OE would drop ;o)

If this has already been suggested just merge this shit or close it or whatever thank you.
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I think what ultimatumm means is that 2 players will go in a private lobby and complete those objectives by helping eachother

I think that balancing the objectives so that they're either not worth farming for, or simply are hard to consistently do, would make it a more viable thing.
I think I might be retired.
I agree just make the objectives hard and the rewards cheap like 50 tc, so it is one of those "oh I completed an objective thats nice" kinda thing

Most of the public servers are empty, so it wouldn't make much of a difference if you restricted it to those

Well, it's interesting things. Like add some quests and Achievements Achievements for the implementation of which players will receive TC. The only thing that it can be abused and easy to farm, but whatever, this thing will make players play this game.
I just imagine two players in a lobby for three hours and they say "whew man I finally got 500 tc, you?" then the other person says "heh I got 600 dawg"

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Most of the public servers are empty, so it wouldn't make much of a difference if you restricted it to those

nahh,its the ranked servers that are dead,most public servers have some life.

an idea to avoid farming,something like hearthstone,you open
the game and you get 3 daily challenges,you can change only
one of them by pressing x,you don't get new challenges
until you do the ones you have and you can do them only once.

So,have like 50-60 different challenges of various difficulties and
rewards,you can only do your 3 dailies,the higher the difficulty the higher the reward.
most of the public servers are empty because they are empty

when someone idles in an otherwise empty public server, 90% of the time another person will join within five minutes

make the objectives limited to public servers, easy. Would get more people on them, too.

This sounds fun.
Like the daily quests in hearthstone.
Only in public rooms
It counts only if u win the match.

Quest: win 5 games in public 2 for 50tc
Decap 2 players in public abd for 100tc
Dismember 5 wrists in any public room for x tc
Fracture your neck in a ny public room
Split 1 opponent in a public room

1 quest\day and you can have a max of 3 quests at one time. If you dont like it u can change 1 quest every day. Like in hearthstone.

About coding it would pretty much work like achivements work. Same engine that counts decaps in achivement could count this aswell. And other things.
Basically what nicos said
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