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written text still saved after auto-logout
No I don't hope you know this problem right here.
Imagine working for a decent response to a thread which takes even more time when you are not that good at english

You already finished your "essay" and want to reply but BAM:

"You do not have permission for this action, please refresh the page and try again".

SO I just got logged out probably for safety reasons BUT
when I relog then, my written text is all gone!!!

of course I could save it by simple copying it and then paste it after I logged me back in.. But man... we all know that copying something not always works well(when I want to paste the text and realize there is nothing copyied), I cannot copy it again because the text is gone.

This is where the solution comes in, when you think your text is completely missed after the relog, you scroll down to the quick response field and it should be displayed there still.
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OMG! While I wanted to response here I just had the problem that my text dissappeared AGAIN!

I just keep it short this time writing, following reasons causes the problem:
When you are writing a response to a thread and switch your browser tab
When you start writing a text and be afk for a while
When your computer somehow fails and restarts

your written text is GONE the text field filled with your intellectual power that you spent
Enjoint life
I support this because like, I have times when I accidentally close my window or refresh or it just wont let me post and this would help a lot.
I am not the original
Use a browser wich reload last window with cookies saved.
and dont forget the previous button, if you do previous twice after logged in you will surely be able to post the same content.
I will have to say you to go in advanced post.